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  • Chris Farlie

Tom Wright - Acorns

The last time time our paths crossed with Tom Wright it was with the wonderful batch of songs including the magical Mr Telecaster - they came with a blistering live shows that were among the most exciting we would see all year. He's back with a new single "Acorns" and is in a reflective mood on a song that like the acorn itself starts small and develops into truly beautiful.

it is just an acoustic guitar and slow drumbeat that initially forms the backing for Tom to deliver the opening lines,

"From acorns so small - great things will grow

Sit out the storm, find peace in the flow

When people lose faith, in what they know true

The shadows inside them, will start to hurt you"

The chorus finds Tom in his finest voice,as he tackles each one with more gusto.

"Lay out your maps and guide your soul

Don't you forget that the heart is the one

That's been getting cold

Can't you feel its toll?"

With a sound that will gradually grow with the addition of mandolins, banjos and the ever louder drums, the song takes on the feel of a stirring Gaelic ballad with Tom adding a suitably rousing vocal.

The song seems to be about emerging from the "dark memories of lonelier times" and of finding the souls that will help you find the light once again

"Look out for the hands that will help you to fight"

The sound reaches its apex over the lines

"Show me all your fears and I will fall -

Don't ever forget that the heart is the one that made all things real

Can't you feel it's real?

Eventually the band dissipates in the ether to leave Tom to deliver the final line

"From acorns so small - great things will grow"

It is great to see Tom Wright who so often is the powerhouse behind other performers, taking time to put himself in the limelight - wonderful stuff!!

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