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  • Chris Farlie

Together Country - I Won't Forget To Miss You

Nothing says Christmas more than a charity record, and it is great that at a time when many are facing mental issues that someone is seeking to raise money for MIND Mental Health Charity.

This project is slightly different to many others in that although the format remains pretty unchanged since BandAid, with each singer taking a line or two before a communal chorus, the performers are all aspiring unsigned singers. Another aspect that sets this project apart from others is that the song is an original and really quite good with a prominent mandolin giving the whole track a bright and breezy feel to it and lyrics that draw attention to the cause while simultaneously sounding absolutely right within

the context of an Americana tune.

It is a global coming together of artists including some that we have covered over the years and others we no doubt shortly will, in no particular order Emma Moore, Kyle Elliott, Brittany McLamb, Emilia Quinn, Charlotte Young, Georgia Nevada, Daniel Borge, Bob Fitzgerald, Tyler Spicer so working out exactly who is singing each line is not as easy as spotting Boy George or Bono.

The realities of separation are brought to the fore from the very start

"Another good morning baby in a text - on a day I should be waking up with your head on my chest

There'll be no running down the stairs, no breakfast with Mum and Dad"

The current crisis has separated families lovers and friends across the world, and the separations may be geographical or the simply walls of a hospital or care home - so when the line comes in that says

"If I could be on that plane - you know I would" we've all shared that same feeling at some point in some way.

The chorus looks to a potentially brighter future with bold powerful images of "New York skylines" and "big blue eyes" but remembers to root the pay off line of the chorus in reality with the line that gives song its title which in its full version reads

"I won't forget to miss you under the mistletoe"

The second verse follows up on the reality of current times but the song looks forwards and not backwards on this "year of woe" and its the positive images that will one day return that make the song so stirring. With the final chorus that sees a coming together of all the participants for one final burst - this song pretty much ticks all of the boxes it set out to with some style.

It's without doubt a worthy effort and #TEAMw21 wish it all the best and hope it raises lots for charity.

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