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  • Chris Farlie

Tilly Christiansson - A Song About A Horse

Quite possibly the strangest single of the week in terms of subject matter is undoubtedly "A Song About A Horse" from ex Fifth Floor Swedish singer Tilly Christiansson. However one suspects that Tilly is far too clever a songwriter for this just to be a chance to praise her favourite equine and sure enough Tilly does reveal tiny elements about herself in the song.

It comes with a quirky recurring guitar riff and some nice beefy percussion - pretty much the rest is left to Tilly to generate the interest and excitement. Her initial vocals are somewhat spoken to the listener

"Steady like an ox Fast like a gazelle Doesn't do more than he has to But he does it well"

Each verse is separated by a series of repeated harmonious "Na na na na na"'s

The closeness of the relationship between rider and horse then gradually starts to filter through, especially in the last line of the next verse.

"Taught me how to fly And to stand my ground Got an attitude with bite But he never lets me down"

If Tilly can be relied on for one thing whether it be in her solo or group work it is that she will deliver a stonking chorus - this one once again is fulsome praise to her four legged friend and his powers to reinvigorate someone feeling down. It all comes wrapped in an irresistible singalong chorus with glorious use of the word "funk!"

"There's a little bit of pony in his mischief A little bit of white in his big brown face Sometimes he's the only one who gets me Out of my funk when I'm lost in space A four-legged friend has twice the charm Took one big leap right into my heart If you know, you know Straight up from the source It's a song about a horse"

With a cover picture the perfectly encapsulates the relationship between the two, this is a charming little single.

A Song About A Horse is released 29th September

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