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  • Chris Farlie

Thomas Kavanagh - Find Your Way

Hot on the back of previewing it at last weeks show at The Bedford - Thomas Kavanagh has released the full band version of "Find You Way". On the review of the day we remarked that Thomas playing solo delivered a band ready version, and now with the addition of drums being given a fearsome thwack and a lead guitar riff that demands your attention, he's delivered an arena ready single - somebody give that man a stage!!

With all those trips to Nashville, Thomas seems to have absorbed everything he was hearing and this is undoubtedly a powerful single. It also is uplifting with a chorus that says you will find the right path.

The opening lines paint a picture of someone not quite sure of where they are heading in life

"She's a traveller on this highway, lost in the neon lights

In the rhythm of this city she searches for her life"

The chorus is a resounding vote of confidence, just the boost that someone may be in need of

"I know you'll find your way with the strength in your mind

Beyond the fears you'll find your day with one step at a time

Never again, don't be afraid

You'll grow stronger every day - I know you'll find your way"

Complete with a big eighties guitar solo and drum roll - it's a perfect combo of upbeat tune and positive message.

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