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  • Chris Farlie

The Songs & Stories Collective - Humble & Kind

In these ever expensive times what a pleasure to be able to bring you something for free - yes free!! gratis, not a penny to be paid. Not only that but it's also rather good in the shape of a cover of "Humble & Kind", written by firm #TEAMw21 favourite Lori McKenna.

In case you are wondering who is behind this Collective then wonder no more, for we have Donna-Marie, if you saw Thorne Hill live or bought her wonderful duet with him "Won't Forget This Night" then you'll know who Donna is. The second part of the team is Sarah Yeo who surprised us greatly at Midwinterfest this year in the Songwriters round, leaving us baffled how she had stayed off our radar previously. Last but by no means least, come the up and coming Tennessee Twin who recently impressed with their "Every Story" single.

Produced separately under lockdown, it's a little thank you to those who have been tuning into their live streams, the technological methadone for those missing their regular fix of live music. The results are a tribute to all of those involved, and if it leads to people checking further into the individual Collective members then so much the better, for there are plenty of little nuggets waiting to be found.

Humble & Kind is available on the link below.

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