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  • Chris Farlie

The Long Road Festival: Buddy's Good Time Bar - Robbie Cavanagh Band

It seemed to be that Robbie Cavanagh and his band went from sound checking, to wheeling around and immediately getting under way with no hint of an intro - diving into "Thinking Of Leaving" with broad grins across all of their faces. It was a tune that had a bright uptempo chorus in keeping with the chorus's final pay off line -

"If you're thinking of leaving then get up and go"

With no time to be wasted, the drummer immediately kicked off the intro into "Another Dead End" a second track from this years rather fine "Tough Love" album. With a combo of acoustic & electric guitars each chorus saw the band increase their intensity and volume to great effect. With a rootsy guitar solo this was a band on fine form.

When Robbie mentioned his new album, an unsolicited voice cried out "It's very good". As if to prove that fact Robbie played the opening track "I Call My Home", this was definitely a superior country sound. A different sound altogether from the new album came in the shape of "Drove" which seemed full of little personal details

The blockbusting intro announcing "Get Out Alive" from his previous album combined the brooding verses to the powerful chorus. This gave Robbie a chance to really let go on his vocals on the chorus. The audience were captivated and clapping as Robbie delivered his best vocal of the set. The afternoon was heavily dominated by the new record however when it is this good you may as well get it to the maximum number of listeners. The run of highly engaging ear worms continued with "Hang Up", with punchy choppy guitar and a driving rhythm section on the song with the line that gave the album it's title.

In a definite change of pace was the funky soulful blues opening to "Helpless" which would see Robbie take his vocals into a much higher pitched zone than we've ever seen him enter into before.

Robbie chose to close with "Choked Up" from 2014's "The State Of Maine" album which was to prove a welcome dive into the archives with a delightful country guitar running throughout on a truly great uptempo country tune.

Robbie Cavanagh's Tough Love is available now

The Tough Love tour hits the road during November

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