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  • Chris Farlie

The Jackson Line - Solutions (Acoustic)

When we first came across The Jackson Line, at Two Ways Home Round Up, we were amazed at how authentic and American they sounded. Hailing from Essex their acoustic slots that night were highly impressive and their latest single "Solutions (Acoustic) gives you a chance to savour what it was like that night.

Admittedly this recording has a slightly different, lineup. instead of 2 acoustic guitars as it was that night, we get a piano / guitar combo. What remains the same however are the beautiful harmonies and heartfelt vocals. The success of the song is due to the straight forward honesty in the approach of the writing, that not all problems can be easily fixed, "I don't want solutions I just want someone to listen"

The original version appeared on their excellent "Don't Wait" EP. but is much better in this stripped back format, one of those examples of less being more. It is highly a highly polished performance and from what we saw that night there is plenty more to come from The Jackson Line

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