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  • Chris Farlie

The Black Feathers - Perfect Storm

It is highly unlikely the The Black Feathers know that indirectly they helped shape #TEAMw21. Many moons ago, we first met them at The Green Note supporting some up and coming sisters called Ward Thomas and the sorely missed Jess Roberts. Coming hot on the heals of having seen the final Civil Wars show at The Roundhouse a few weeks earlier, they helped to reignite our passion for all thing Americana and the joy of the live experience.

During Lockdown they entertained Patreon subscribers with a variety of covers - their version of Aha's "Take On Me" being a particular gem, where for the first time all of the words of the song were finally revealed.

Always seemingly constantly on tour Sian Chandler and Ray Hughes are back with a new single that will form part of a new album "Where We Are" due in September.

"Perfect Storm" is something of change in sound for them, a double bass is present and a piano is very much upfront, adding something of an ethereal sound into the overall mix. The traditional guitar sound that you would associate with The Black Feathers is still there, as are Sian's vocals which on this tune dip into some dark events

"Just another crash on the motorway - just another dead oak tree

Just another hungry four year old - it's the cost of living free

Just another "Missing Persons" ad - just another lonely grave

Just another girl without her Dad - it doesn't help to say"

The second verse leads into the chorus that sees Ray join in on vocals

"We've been dying since that day - that we were born

Hold my hand let's raze this perfect storm

Till there's nothing left to mourn"

Top marks for the use of the word "raze" in a song - as in "to destroy" most commonly used with respect to fire's razing something to the ground.

The later verse picks up on more of the bleaker aspects of life

"Just another teenage suicide - Just another thought and prayer

Just another leader shifting blame - it doesn't help to say"

The latter half of the first line the perennial platitude wheeled out for every school shooting.

The chorus seems to be saying that enough is enough - the "Perfect Storm" to be "razed" being the convergence of all these things happening in the world.

It is most definitely a moving way in which to introduce the new album.

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