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  • Chris Farlie

Tennessee Twin - When We Move

Once again proving that Lockdown is no excuse for not making quality records comes Cambridgeshire based Tennessee Twin with remarkably little are able to say so much in a most moving and beautiful way with their new single "When We Move".

Aided and abetted by Sarah Jory's magnificent pedal steel playing so full of expression, which could easily steal the show on its own such is its hypnotic appeal, instead it provides a perfect backing over which the events of the song unfold.

There really is little else, a gentle acoustic guitar faintly accompanies the track leaving the spotlight to fall firmly on Victoria Mills' vocals, which are also quite spectacular as they move gently between country and folk, and at times are almost choral they are that angelic.

The subject of "When We Move" is one that would be universal in a relationship at any time and during Lockdown has become even more exacerbated, in that it deals with that moment when there is a relationship disagreement and someone must take a step backwards to defuse the situation.

"I can reach out my hand and touch you but a river of our words keeps us apart

I can make the first move and hold you or let time tick and take your heart

The barriers are strong the fences are tall, we'd rather stand our ground than start to fall"

The lyrics perfectly capturing how things in the heat of the moment can seem so huge and how quickly positions can become entrenched.

The chorus sees Geoff Meads softly join in on vocals and sees them unite and head on the path to resolution.

"But then we move, we move in closer, I feel your warmth your hand your whisper

The movies happy ending, heartbeats that are blending"

With the key tenet of the song being the line "Don't let anger be bigger than love" this Tennessee Twin have managed to perfectly execute their vision into q quite compelling piece of music.

Pre-orders / pre-saves start Friday 26th February

General release: Friday 12th March

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