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  • Chris Farlie

Taynee Lord - You Think You're All That

One of the joys of the Live In The Living Room weekend is that you become aware of releases that may have otherwise have passed you by and in the case of Taynee Lords new single "you Think You You're All That" it would've have been a criminal shame.

A joy from the drum stick count in to the final guitar fade, this is a single that needs to be heard and played loud. There is a refreshing live sound from the solid sounding band driven by a solid back beat and a rootsy country guitar and if that does not immediately bring a smile to your face then the introduction of Taynee Lord with some delightfully waspish lyrics delivered with a level of panache certainly will.

"They say don't hate the player , they say hate the game

Well life is one big masquerade

Everyone's in the races - but I ain't facing you

Cos you got one of two faces - and neither one is true!"

It's a pithy put down that seems to encapsulate the figure on the front cover. Taynee has an idiosyncratic delivery occasionally extending words Like "Is" in the line above and then inserting a little pause before the word "true" - it beautifully tricks the listener into paying more attention as it just deviates from what you are expecting

The delivery of the chorus is wondrously over the top, Taynee's voice soaring high, as it delivers the most withering of put downs. backed by her providing her own backing vocals which perfectly heighten the overall sound.

"You're selfish and self centred - you think you're all that

Hearing me say this, may give you a heart attack

But you'll need to hear it though your heart is so black"

It is a calling out of someone who has clearly crossed the line.

"Tell me what I've done as no-one can see

Girl - What's your problem? Is it with me? ( The "What's" in What's your problem has a lovely snarl to it!)

Your nose is always turned up - why your smelling ain't that bad

You think you got the world, cos all you do is brag"

Each chorus is delivered slightly differently, the final one ends with Taynee signing off in style.

It's a glorious three minutes of UK country.

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