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  • Chris Farlie

Steve Young - Looks Like You

It seems far too long since we last caught up with Steve Young however he is most definitely back back back with a storming little gem of a single - "Looks Like You". It has a delightfully raw guitar sound making Steve sound like a latter day Wilko Johnson.

It opens to just that guitar sound a little percussion and nothing else. Steve opens with a bluesy pop vocal

"I tried to hold on, find the girl that fits just fine

I caught you cold just to have something that's mine

I have these dreams they seemed so damned real

l fall asleep and start rolling down the hill"

The chorus is pure pop. impossible to resist it bring a smile each time you hear it.

"I been round the world a few times its smaller than my mind

I been living everyone's dreams and they've been living mine

I've had every feeling there is, ain't nothing left to do

Today I woke to something brand new, good Lord it looks like you"

There's a neat set of lines in the second verse

"I broke the mirror - asking why it should be so mean

But on reflection seven years seems pretty sweet"

The arrival of an organ sound adds to the overall sound yet it retains a cheeky charm

Steve has doubts about how long things will last but is enjoying it while it lasts

"Maybe you won't be there tomorrow - I'll probably mess it up now anyway

Still I'm gonna to beg steal or borrow - to keep you by my side one more day"

As a single it's punchy, pithy and we like it a lot

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