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  • Chris Farlie

Skinny Lister - Mantra

It's the first time Skinny Lister have hit our radar though a quick skim through their back catalogue reveals a wealth of enjoyable tunes in a folky, punky Irish stomp style. The reason they've crossed our path today is their new single for which lead singer Lorna Heptinstall channels "her inner Dolly" to make a more countrified tune.

"Mantra" is their take on a country song and while it may be little rough around the edges at times,it has an undeniable spirit that is both impossible to resist and is uplifting to the soul.

The song opens to Lorna singing the theme of the song over an acoustic guitar

Make it a Mantra, make it a habit,

To recognise what you have while you have it

The band then kick in with an array of sounds percussion, banjo's, double bass, guitar an accordion which all drive thingsf forward with an impressive pace. Lorna's vocal has a strange charm about it that is totally endearing and suits this track perfectly

"Don't lose your spark - hold on to your spirit - Gamble you heart and everything with it

I've got a love and I'm gonna give it - I've got a life and I'm gonna live it"

Don't have scheme so I'm gonna wing it, - you got a dream throw yourself in it

It's not about if you lose it or win it - I've got song and I'm gonna sing it"

The song continues in this vein with Lorna passing on little gems of wisdom and encouragement - the chorus each time it comes round defies you not to sing along with it - knowing that you will have to give in!

In an age where we all have so little time the bridge provides another pearl of wisdom

"Stand back and take a wider view and you will see the beautiful"

This could well be the song to see out the summer with.

SKinny Lister - Mantra video

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