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  • Chris Farlie

Sarah Yeo - Constant Craving

Seeing kd Lang onher first ever UK tour many moons ago remains one of the greatest live experiences ever witnessed - an event so awesome that on leaving the Town & Country club as it was at the time, we made a beeline to the box office to see her again the next night. In those days she was still very country with her band the "Reclines". She would go on change her sound and make "Ingenue" from which "Constant Craving" comes and having seen her recently at Hammersmith Apollo she has lost none of her charm or abilities.

kd Lang herself has already given her seal of approval to this version and it is easy to see why. Sarah Yeo who did a great job at Midwinterfest some years ago has captured the key elements of the vocal line but has not sought to slavishly follow the instrumentation so in place of the accordion we get an acoustic guitar and a gently tinkling piano working in perfect harmony.

With some unobtrusive atmospherics added to great effect, Sarah's vocal is clear beautifully sung and yet slightly understated, rather than going for a note for note facsimile, this is almost a more personal rendition with Sarah really digging into those lyrics so although it may never move into full band mode in the way that kd's does it remains a compelling version - and if kd Lang gives it the thumbs up - who are we to disagree.?

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