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  • Chris Farlie

Sarah Darling - Wide Open Spaces

For those of us who feared that that the flames had been put out on Sarah Darling's Campfire Sessions, great news in the form of another worthy addition to the fold in the shape of "Wide Open Spaces".

Until this week we would have credited this to the Dixie Chicks but as of this week they have dropped the Dixie from their name leaving themselves with the seemingly equally awkward name of The Chicks.

The Campfire Sessions is becoming something of a brand of excellence for Sarah, each release a song that in one way or another influenced her on her path to success, played with the utmost simplicity as if we were all gathered around a campfire in Wyoming. Sarah's version of "Wide Open Spaces" with just her vocals and an acoustic guitar if anything draws even more attention to the lyrics on this coming of age story, where forgive the pun the Chick leaves the nest and sets out on lifes great adventure. With a beautiful lyric video as well this really is the complete package and this collection of Campfire songs will soon be calling out for it's own Campfire tour at some point in the future.

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