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  • Chris Farlie

Roslyn Witter - Letting Her Go / Good Vibes

Having fallen for Roslyn's earlier single "Chasing Fireflies" it's time to catch with her latest release and one that passed us by somehow but that given the warm weather seems ideally suited for a belated visit.

"Letting Her Go" is a most interesting take on being in an emotionally abusive relationship in that the events are viewed through Roslyn's eyes as a third party in the unfolding events although as it is her best friend at the centre of the song she does hold more than a vested interest.

As the song opens there is no holding back in her disdain for the person who has made her friends life so miserable. The lyrics paint him as invasive, corrosive and self interested however her friend cannot see it.

"You were a thorn in her garden - You were the rust on a chain

Somehow the life she created - always came in second place"

Roslyn plays out these lines over just her acoustic guitar however the band kick in sympathetically as the withering comments continue - that someone willing to make such sacrifices should be treated so poorly gives Roslyn plenty of fuel with which to vent

"You pulled her into your broken home - out of the only city that she's ever known

Well I hate you for making her cry - and I hate you for breaking her down

Yeah you had other girls on your arm moving on while she waited and waited around"

The chorus is a thing of beauty which acts as a direct counterpoint to a lot of the bile being released.

There is only one line of positivity for the wretch being addressed and that is

"I'll never stop loving you for letting her go" rather than finding an excuse to continue stringing her along - quite whether "loving" is the correct term may be up for debate - but it probably scans better than some of the alternatives

The story does have a happy ending and the lady in question goes on to have a happy life.

“The lines are blurry, but her eyes are on the road - and even though she’s hurting, there she goes.”

Each visit to the chorus is slightly different - the second sees Roslyn initially mainly sing over electronic sound effects while the final chorus sees the band drop back on the opening lines letting us focus on Roslyn one last time. Each time though the band are able to swell and make the second half of the chorus the rousing stirring anthem it deserves to be.

"Good Vibes" has a completely different er vibe from the very off!! The opening guitar just sings a good time, as do Roslyn's lyrics as she eschews the mundanity of household chores for some time at the beach

"Saturday morning - up with the dawn

Should paint the fence - Should cut the lawn

After the week that we've been through

We both deserve a change of view"

This is good time summer party music the most controversial line being Roslyn's love for a bit of "cheap wine" surely she should go a few dollars more!

"Good vibes - sailing on the sunshine - kicking back having a good time

Eating "Cheesies" drinking cheap wine!"

If there's one line that some things up perfectly

"So much to do but it can wait - times to precious to waste away"

Roslyn's vocals have the good time feeling to match the overall party atmosphere being created.

A double dose of Roslyn Witter - each uplifting in their own way - definitely a lady worth getting to know.

Enjoy the Good Vibes video Roslyn Witter - Good Vibes - YouTube

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