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  • Chris Farlie

Robyn Red - When The Sun Sets

Ahead of Robyn Red's Buckle & Boots appearance comes her latest single "When The Sun Sets". This is a completely different sound to her previous one of last year "Like A Bullet" which although topping the Country charts had a disconcerting almost disco drum sound.

No such worries here - this kicks off from the very start with a solid back beat and a guitar sound that signals the way that something special is coming

Robyn initially seems happy and in a good place

"Open up my eyes and my heart it skips a beat

When I see you looking over smiling at me"

The chorus is packed with the sort of energy you'd expect from a full on rock band, with Robyn showing herself to be a suitably powerful front person in no way dominated by the wall of sound behind her

"Cos when the sun sets over the sea - I see your face - the flash of lights around me

and when the sun sets over the trees in California - it blinds me when the sun sets"

The second verse sees the introduction of lovely embellishments from a fiddle and pedal steel just as the relationship is about to take a move downhill. A break up is always a tricky time - the reactions to a split for this couple are definitely polar opposites.

"You were the most unforgettable thing I had in my life

When you said it was over, I just started to cry

5 minutes later you moved on to someone new

And then I came over and poured a glass of wine all over you"

In a section quite unlike anything I can recall hearing before, rather than sing the whole chorus Robyn just picks out a word or two rather than the whole line

It all builds up to a powerful couple of revisits to the chorus - uplifting and magnificent.

Between her two releases it is an absolute no brainer as to which direction Robyn Red should be heading.

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