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  • Chris Farlie

Reya Jayne - Bet She Doesn't Know

After a successful summer tour playing at festivals, Reya Jayne is opening 2023 with a new single high on drama which places Reya in a somewhat indelicate predicament while giving her the chance to unleash some clever wordplay as she recalls the events!

Things open cheerfully enough

"I could hear those wedding bells from miles around" although the tightly stummed acoustic guitar over which these words are sung suggests an intensity not normally found on such happy occasions.

Things it turns out are indeed not good, as the groom has chosen to spend his last night unmarried with someone other than his prospective bride - his

"last taste of freedom"

There's an excellent bit of songwriting in the second verse that really elevates this song - the collection of "light" based phrases perfectly manipulated by Reya to portray the situation of the two women in the song, while her corruption of traditional wedding day rhyme also works a treat.

"I should blame those flashing lights - I couldn't see

Another thing we have in common your girl and me

I was blindsided she was left in the dark but now I know

She's going to be blue because something new was borrowed"

There's a little apologetic section which reaffirms where the blame in this affair lies.

"I hope she knows - that I didn't know"

With a good solid but of drumming supporting some equally fine guitar work it all makes for a good background over which Reya can relay the tale, which she does with conviction to give the song some real feeling.

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