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  • Chris Farlie

Paula O'Reilly - Speechless

Paula O'Reilly is a Country Music singer-songwriter, guitarist based in County Wexford, Ireland with at least one album to her name and another on the way later this year, the debut single is "Speechless" and with its big production values and dramatic story line it could be the start of something big for her.

As "Speechless" begins with its acoustic intro, there is little to hint at the drama ahead, if anything it is a picture of domestic bliss

"You were the one, the one for me

Came alive by your side

I idolised your company"

There's a slightly unusual phrasing that has the effect of luring the listener in as you not quite sure where the song is going next. Paula continues to build up how she felt

"Bursting with pride to be you bride

to wear your ring"

It is only as the band start to kick in that things take a a somewhat downward turn and all is not well

"Didn't know there was something wrong till you called out her name

Then one second I knew i'd be never the same"

At this point the production moves into Lady A mode, big drums prominent fiddle as Paula really lays it on the line. It's a dramatic scenario which sees Paula move through being broken to emerge somewhat strong and defiant by the end with the affirmation the she will survive.

"This time it's over so don't pretend

I'm in pieces I am speechless but i'll be alright in the end"

It is something of a melting pot of emotions which finds Paula "so angry, so sad so lost at the same time"

There is even time for a full on electric guitar solo as Paula powers out her vocals, the whole effect is overblown and overwrought but it has to be for the vocals to match the instrumentation and as you emerge from this song there is the sense that something dramatic has come to pass. Lovers of big production country songs will find plenty to like here

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