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  • Chris Farlie

Paula O'Reilly - One More Drink

Paula O'Reilly continues to lay the groundwork for her new album due in 2022 with another strong single following in the footsteps of "Roller Coaster" and "Speechless" this time addressing the issue of alcohol abuse.

It is something of an intervention song, confronting someone with some home truths and the stark reality of just what their drinking is doing to them but it must be said it is done with some panache and the lyrics are littered with well thought out lines and possibly an in song debut for Alka Seltzer.

As with Paula's earlier singles, this is a big production number, with Paula delivering her lines with using cold hard facts to make her points while also indicating that things are close to a breaking point.

"One more drink is one more drink too many

One more drop makes your hat just a little too heavy

You say that you would stop but you're not ready .... yet"

The chorus is a litany of the excuses that can be used to have a drink, but Paula closes it quite succinctly with the cutting "that bottle's taking over you"

The second verse sees Paula's tone rapidly change, as she confronts the results the next day - almost spitting out the line

"You're face is wincing at your daughters laughter

taking Alka Seltzer is the answer

Is this our happy ever after?"

It must also be a little undignified to be told

You're tripping over your words and your shoes"

The song closes with what seems a last pleading warning that "You've everything too lose"

With a bold up front guitar sound throughout and Paula expressing a range of emotions driven from frustration, this is

in all ways a quite superior single. The only odd thing about it is the cover art, which sees with Paula beaming out holding her cowboy hat, it could well mislead folk into quite what sort of song they are about to get and seems a little at odds with the actual lyrics.

One More Drink will be released on 17th September on all major digital platforms

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