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  • Chris Farlie

O&O - When It Comes To Love

It was only last week that O&O released their updated version of "Leave It 'Till Tomorrow" and yet they are already clearing the decks with another new release "When It Comes To Love". Being lovers of the 60's era of music anything they release comes laden with multiple hooks and great harmonies and this is no exception.

Opening up to an electric guitar riff it is not long before we find ourselves in the middle of a warring couple with Orian and Obadiah alternating lines

"He's given every excuse

She's got them all written down

Got an ego or two

But not the biggest around"

Things come together on the chorus where they both accept and see the bigger picture.

"We can argue forever wasting our time but you're right and i'm wrong does it really matter when it come to love?"

There is a combination of splendidly improvised percussion of castanets and hand clapping mixed with Obadiah's guitar work and a splendidly rich organ sound that runs throughout the track along the duo's trademark harmonies that go to make it a superior piece of summertime pop music..

The release comes with a glorious video produced under lockdown which is as inventive as it is outrageously funny. It goes to shows just what can be achieved with a some imagination and top marks to O&O and their production team for one of the most enjoyable videos in ages.

We mentioned at the start that O&O are keen fans of the 60's and it seems that there may even be one last in joke on the track with what sounds like a faint tribute to the Zombies "Time Of the Season" in there, with that vocal percussion effect right at the end.

Enjoy the video here

Pandemic withstanding let's all gather socially distanced at the Spice Of Life London for a full band O&O headline show complete with Robbie Cavanagh & Jess Thristen on 18th Sept.

Tickets understandably are extremely limited so don't delay

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