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  • Chris Farlie

O&O - Dancing On The Floor

The new single from O&O is something a little different from what we've previously heard from them, and it is immediate from the very start with an electric guitar riff that is probably a distant cousin of the one in Dire Straits "Money For Nothing", for it, along with the drum beat immediately injects some pace into "Dancing On The Floor".

What hasn't changed though are the sweet harmonies synonymous with the group if anything sounding better than ever and it is Obadiah who kicks things off and seems to be in something of an apologetic mood "Next time I'll be the wiser, Hand on the Bible, swear i'll behave". It's a song exploring why we do things we shouldn't, in the chorus it finds him blaming "the devil on my shoulder". It's a marvellous bit of scuzzy distorted guitar that takes us into a furiously uptempo chorus, this big band sound confirms the reports that were fed back to us of just how good they were at their recent Half Moon show and we're looking forward to catching one of their upcoming shows.

#TEAMw21 really liked their previous trip into darkness with the Civil Wars like "Truth Comes Out" and this is easily as radical a departure and even more successful. In the accompanying video Obadiah looks perfectly at home posing with that electric guitar, while Orian simply looks perfect.

Dancing on the Floor video

O&O will be at The Spice Of Life with Robbie Cavanagh & Demi Marriner 24th April

and at

Country On the Coast Southsea 25th April

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