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  • Chris Farlie

Noah Guthrie - That's All

A regular visitor to these shores since 2016 one cannot help but feel that Noah might need to be scoping out bigger venues if this opening single from his forthcoming album is anything to go by.

Starting with one of the most memorable drum openings since Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", "That's All" finds Noah in a reflective mood looking back at a past love and wondering what if?

The opening is in the form of a telephone conversation, a catch up after all the years

"Know I missed your birthday ,wasn't it last Thursday? what you doing?"

Noah has a voice that has the perfect combination of being smooth and soulful yet vulnerable perfectly conveying the feelings that fit in with the contemplative mood of the tune, so when he looks back and ponders that they both had

"High plans, did what we had to do, oh but sometimes I wish now that they'd fallen through" it is convincing and when he says "Think about how you might have the wrong last name sometimes" it is quite a deep thought thinking that your whole life could have and perhaps should have gone differently.

Musically it is quite a sweeping landscape, that percussion we mentioned at the start is excellent throughout and although when you listen closely there seems to be remarkably few guitars and a violin they are playing to great effect building up an incredible atmosphere.


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