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  • Chris Farlie

Nia Nicholls - I Wrote You A Love Song

Nia Nicholls is back with a tune for the festive season, initially delivered in the gentlest of voices over a softly strummed guitar - it is exactly the sort of song that warms the heart at this time of year - well it will as long as you only listen to the first verse!

"I wrote you a love song at 02:28

It was filled with sweet wishes

and dreaming of kisses and

I couldn't wait so I wrote you a love song"

The road from heartfelt to heartbreak proves to be a particularly short one in this case, as things quickly develop. The hurt is palpable, made worse by the shift from the open eyed optimism of the opening lines to the feeling of being played for a fool in the later ones.

The words that had gently tumbled out earlier in an almost dreamlike happy state are suddenly delivered in a much sterner clipped voice with a greater degree of volume, although it does revert slighty on the final few words as she recalls the writing of the tune.

"But while I was writing how would I have known?

You spent nights with a lover - while I was alone

And I was so dumb - to think we'd belong - I was so wrong

Cos you were loving on her, while I wrote you a love song"

Nia's guitar is joined by a sad string accompaniment at this point, that only adds to the drama. A jazzy keyboard gently picks out notes as it guides us through the second verse.

"I wrote you a love song - January 25th

When my heart acted stupid, when I believed in cupid

And God and Angels too

And when I believed in you"

That verse sees Nia's world shaken to the core, internalising things, thinking that the fault bizarrely must lie with her for being naive.

"I wrote you a love song - I can barely sing

You ain't half of the man I thought you were back then

There's a slight falter in the delivery of the words "barely sing" which only wratchets up the tension further, yet just as you start to fear for her well being Nia delivers a cutting ultimate pay off line

"I wrote you a love song but I don't know what for, I wrote you a love song but I don't love you any more"

Probably more known for a more poppier delivery, this song displays both Nia's writing and singing talents at their fullest, while retaining her unique phrasing talents. Quite possibly her best and most considered work to date.

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