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  • Chris Farlie

Neeve Zahra - Step Right Over

For those that took notice of our Buckle & Boots preview and headed across to the Paddock Stage to see Neeve Zahra play, you'll have already had a sneak preview of her latest single - "Step Right Over".

At the time we called it another "blow your socks off moment" and on hearing the recorded version we see no reason to change our minds.

At a time when the UK is being battered by storms, this has a definite summery feel about it, the delightfully delicate guitar intro that recurs throughout the song is contrasted by the robust bass and crisp percussion. If Neeve's EP was pure country, this is pure pop at it's finest, incorporating all the finest tricks of the trade that go to make a great pop record though still finding room for a pedal steel!

The opening verse finds Neeve venting some frustrations

"Feels like nothing's going my way

You're falling out of place, out of reach , out of time

Feel's like I'm diving in oceans, not just to reach the top

Feels like I'm drowning in feelings and with you I can't get enough"

The chorus when it arrives is a classic singalong melody

"Gonna step right over, head into the water

and breath by breath, you are all I'm thinking of

Climb on up if you think you've got enough

and get me before it's to late, before I get away"

The second verse finds Neeve once more waiting for a signal.

"Waiting for a smile for a touch for a reason to hold on"

Like all classic pop songs, there's a key change, a bright guitar solo, and the addition of an organ sound that only adds to the brightness of the overall mix. There is also a chorus sung for first three lines just to a drum beat.

The coda repeatedly issues that final warning "before I get away"

Neeve sounds in perfect voice, throwing in a few vocal tricks but without ever being showy, always adding to the overall effect. This is a great way for her to her close out 2023 and if she can reproduce the quality of this or her EP ( which in case you have not yet bought it, #TEAMw21 said was " one of the best UK Americana debut EP's ever") in 2024 then there is no telling quite how far she'll go.

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