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  • Chris Farlie

Morganway - Come Over

It's a welcome return to recorded action for the mighty Morganway - the finest live band treading the boards at the moment. Ever since Buckle & Boots they've constantly been adding new songs to their setlists and each has been a cracker. As ever the question remains can they capture that wondrous live energy into a recorded sound and with "Come Over" they most certainly have.

Billed as a song about "wildness, temptation, danger and twisted love” - it grabs you by the lapels from the very start with its moody opening, Ed's thumping drumbeat matched by Keiran's opening guitar riffs which lay the groundwork for AJ to lay down the opening verse which certainly seems to live up to its billing

"There's a knot in my heart

I'm strong yet torn apart

I feel danger - lying with strangers

Who don't know me at all"

The chorus when it comes is an aural explosion assaulting your ear drums on all levels, guitars, multiple voices, Nicole Terry's fiddle sounding like a whole string section such is its power, all meshing together as one.

There's a searing guitar solo which builds in intensity as it combines with Nicole's fiddle and a section of vocals and guitar with the sound swirling like a hazy dream.

The first song from a soon to follow EP - this is cracking stull -

Play loud and annoy your neighbours until they see the light!

Come Over is available for Pre Order and is released February 25th.

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