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  • Chris Farlie

Molly & Masie O'Reilly - White Wexford Christmas

It was only a few short weeks ago that we were reporting on Molly O'Reilly's great contrbution to her mother Paula's single "Emergency Call", however it turns out that this was not Molly's first artistic outing as now have a Christmas single recorded when she was 13 along with 10 year old sister Masie.

Blessed with a voice richer and expressive far beyond her tender years Molly's future career seems all but determined already. Together with her sister Masie they bring an undoubted charm to this eminently enjoyable yuletide outing. It starts with just an acoustic guitar but soon blossoms into a full on band sound replete with strings and keyboards that delivers all that you could ask from a single at this time of year.

It finds the girls bemoaning the fact that Weford never quite delivers a White Christmas being that little bit warmer, and sees their hopes attached to a cracking Christmans tune. If it is not a White Christmas in Wexford this year it will not be through lack of effort in the O'Reilly household!

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