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  • Chris Farlie

Minnie Murphy - Get Over It / You Can't Change A Man

No genre quite does heartbreak like Country music, and the new single from Minnie Murphy perfectly matches that classic country sound to more modern sensibilities with a razor sharp songwriting talent. Described in her publicity as having a "unassuming, quiet nature", hopefully she'll be able to settle back and let this single do the talking for her as it has a lot to say.

Co written with Don Bedell and Trafton Harvey there is a certain touch of class about the writing that elevates this above many other releases, the opening lines instantly give a feel as to the quality.

"There's some chardonnay sitting up on the shelf

and just like me it's going to spend the night by itself"

Immediately there is a lot established in just two lines, There is a feeling of loneliness and the contemplation of self destruction which at least initially seems like it is going be passed on, however that proves to be short lived

"I don't want to waste a glass cos it's a waste of time - it ain't strong enough to drown a love that's died!

The chorus when it arrives paints a desolate picture

"So I'm shooting whiskey cos you ain't missing me

Since goodbye fell off your tongue, you gave up on us

Tomorrow won't change a damned thing and

I'll have nothing to show for it

But it's the only way i know to get over it"

There are prominent guitars including a pedal steel and a great piano sound that all go to make this something special as well as Minnies vocal which get progressively more expressive as the song develops

There is a hint that things are about to improve, the realisation of a problem is at least a start on the road to recoveyr but it never develops further than being merely a glimmer.

"The sleepless overnights have gone on too long

well I'd do anything to feel nothing at all"

Lyric Video link

It certainly made us want to find out more about Minnie and a quick flick through her career shows that she can adapt to a variety of styles. One song that did catch our attention was the single from earlier this year "You Can't Change A Man", as Minnie takes on a soulful country vocal allowing her if anything to be more expressive than on "Get Over It"

Both songs share a classic country feel, "You Can't Change a Man" more acoustic at the start before building into a soulful affair including a gospel choir and rich organ sound. Lyrically it is possibly always asking for trouble from the very start

"He was a diamond in the rough, I thought my love would be enough

To make that diamond shine, all he needed was time"

We follow Minnie down the aisle

"For better or for worse - it was a blessing and a curse"

and watch as the realisation of the title hits home.

Minnie's vocals are given plenty of room to run free and she does a spectacular job displaying plenty of emotion and passion always remaining in control and as an introduction to Minnie this makes a perfect companion piece.

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