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  • Chris Farlie

Michael Logen - Everybody Feels Alone

Another prescient release from Michael Logen capturing the mood of the moment although this one is more of a unhappy coincidence than a result of pandemic lockdown. Created for the Write By the Sea Vol 2 charity album, all profits from which will go to Brain Cancer charities, this song touches on the feeling of loneliness at a time when many are facing an enforced separation from society.

The song deals with the thoughts that take over the mind when alone, in this case a relationship so vivid that it can become almost tangible "I taste the red wine on your skin as I close my eyes, wonder what you're doing now? Never meant to let you down".

Driven primarily by Michael's acoustic guitar and achingly effective vocals as he recalls the past. There is also an almost spooky bass sound,murmuring backing vocals and guitars that almost wail in the background. This song perfectly captures those feelings of loneliness with the imagery of wet weather and empty streets all reinforcing the overall theme, that everyone can feel alone. Ultimately he is able to draw some solace from his thoughts "Just because it didn't last forever that don't mean it didn't matter" concluding "I believe love is never wasted at least we got to taste it"

Write By the Sea Vol. 2 Release Date: June 26, 2020

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