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  • Chris Farlie

Maddie & Tae - Woman You Got

It's a warm welcome back to Maddie & Tae with their new single "Woman You Got" or as they put it "a sassy little love song to our hubbies"

From the opening "You put a ring on a wild thing" it's a perfect mix of smart self deprecating verses tied to a blockbuster chorus. It's a 3 minute tune but seems to fly by in half of that time.

The verses show the clever superior word play we'd expect from them so just sit back and savour lines like

"I lose my phone - can't hold my liquor

To a fault - I ain't a quitter

I like dogs - I'm a collector

I ain't perfect - i'm a perfector!"

The chorus is beautifully constructed, effortlessly rising a key when they need to. They are seeming able to insert words in where there surely appears to be no room and yet they do with such aplomb.

"The thing about me is i'm always getting better - the truth is boy it might take forever

but when it comes to loving you i'm never gonna stop - and that's the kind of woman you got"

There's a lovely guitar running through that chorus making this much faultless.

Witty, sassy perfect pop - it could only be Maddie & Tae

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