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  • Chris Farlie

Lydia Sutherland - Love Me

A debut country release for Canadian singer Lydia Sutherland, that sends out a nice message of self empowerment neatly wrapped up in a 3 minute pop song. As the old song says "The Greatest Love Of All" is "learning to love yourself", however as this song opens it finds Lydia reflecting that she has been forever unable to do that

"Boy I've always hated the freckles on my cheeks

And I would have killed for a pair, if i'd looked good in those jeans

I used to hate my voice"".

Fortunately there was a way out of this for Lydia and sometimes it just needs for someone else to be your mirror, for you to truly see yourself. It must be a massive boost to be with someone who does not share your negative self view - someone who sees quite the opposite where

"every flaw is a diamond shining"

It is spelt out in the final line of the chorus

"I see what you see, you're making me love you, you're making me love me"

The later verse shows a significant change from the opening one, with great use of "make up" play on words.

"When I look in the mirror I see someone smiling back

Who don't need no make up to make up for what she lacks"

Although it starts with an acoustic guitar, it soon gives way to an electronica soundscape and the dreaded clap track which normally irritates the hell out of us however somehow Lydia is able to make us forget any misgivings we may have, with an addictive hypnotic single. It certainly should act as a beacon of hope for anyone in a similar situation and it's the overriding vibe of self less good will that this record emits that makes it impossible to dislike.

With more tracks to come for her debut EP, this seems unlikely to be the last we'll hear of Lydia Sutherland.

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