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  • Chris Farlie

Lucy May - Love Is Dead ( An Ego Is Born )

It is hard not to immediately be hooked by a single when it comes with such an intriguing title - and Lucy May certainly achieved that with her latest "Love Is Dead ( An Ego Is Born)". That is but the first of the many delights that come with this offering which has a cover that features Lucy's steely glaze almost commanding you to listen to this track or else!

She is right to get us to play it, for it is a masterful piece of showing that you can build the appearance of a big sound with remarkable little. For with seemingly little more than 2 guitars and some percussion the track is vibrant and full of life.

The addition of Lucy's vocals at their most sixties soulful, over the top of this backing, only adds to the overall enjoyment.

Things open to some gentle percussion and the first of the bright and breezy guitar lines for Lucy to announce

"Love is dead - and an ego is born - You never see where I'm coming from

Take a hard look at yourself - Love is dead -and an ego is born"

it is a venting of the frustrations of a relationship

"Manipulate every thing that I say - Twist my words and bind them in chains

So set in your ways that you'll never back down - now I'm the fool with tears of a clown"

It all leads to an inevitable conclusion

"You keep on and on and on - you're living for one - on and on and on, your commitment ain't strong"

Just over half way through, the Lucy May Gospel Choir appears, to take things to yet another level - it sounds like about a dozen people but Lucy has revealed that it is just her and her producer having a lot of fun and it sounds like it.

As we said at the start, a lot of ideas and thought has gone into the making of this particular track and it keeps on repaying with little surprises the further you tuck into it. There is a lovely little section where Lucy sings across herself, the next line starting just before the previous one has finished - it's subtle and slight but keeps the listeners focus

I gave you all of myself / what we had was so good

But you are so quick to let it go - gotta let it go"

The coda allows Lucy for a few moments to transport herself back to her teenage bedroom singing into a hairbrush with the most carefree soulful of deliveries.

‘Love is Dead ( An Ego is Born)’ is released on September 29th.

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