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  • Chris Farlie

Lost Hollow - Poison Thorn ( Acoustic Version )

By any standards 2020 was set to be a big year for Lost Hollow, with a support slot on Rumer's tour supporting her "Nashville Tears" album including a prestigious show on London's South Bank. As we all know that was not to be and hopefully they'll be part of the rescheduled tour in 2022.

In the meantime, there is a new single to savour in the shape of "Poison Thorn" which is included in the film soundtrack of "Samland". This acoustic version sees just an acoustic guitar and the harmonies of Tommy & Lori Harden yet it has the ability to grab and retain the listeners attention at all times. Anyone who enjoyed their sublime 2019 album "Looking For Happy" will know just how powerful a combination those harmonies can be.

As the title suggests, things are not going to well in this song and the macabre cover is somewhat foreboding along with the opening couplet

"We know how the story ends before we turn the first page

Passion and desire could not reverse the hands of fate"

The chorus is a testament to just how well Tommy and Lori's vocals work together as they soar and combined make a beautiful sound that simply needs nothing else.

"We're a runaway train at the end of the track

We're a house of cards ready to collapse

You're the poison thorn that I have to touch

You're the last thing that I need so much"

The spectre of doomed lovers hangs all over the song in the vivid imagery and Lost Hollow bring this to life with great skill capturing the emotions perfectly, they know they shouldn't be together and yet they cannot bear to be apart.


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