Long Road Festival - Brandy Clark - Rhinestone Stage

The run up to Brandy Clark's set at Long Road saw her change time and stage a few times before it was agreed that she should appear on the main Rhinestone Stage. Arguably outside is not the ideal way to enjoy Brandy however she took the hand that she was dealt and delivered a bravura set quite possibly song for song the set of the entire festival!

From the moment she took to the stage in her emerald jacket, and started "Who You Thought I Was" she simply exuded class and lived up to her reputation of being able to weave a great story. With the abillity to switch between being incredibly moving and laugh out loud funny she really has it all. Even the humourous songs like "Long Walk" from "Your Life Is A Record" are written with the skill of a great wordsmith.

The different stories that go together to make "Pawn Shop" welded to a simply blissful chorus made for a divine three and a half minutes that it was a pleasure to witness.

The band with two additional european members flown in specially provided the perfect foil for Brandy, just by providing the most telling of lines like the guitar rippling through the chorus of "Love Can Go To Hell"

The band reduced to just the touring trio for the middle section, which opened with "Girl Next Door", Brandy really delivering the vocals with some gusto while being perfectly complimented by her guitarist.

Things got a little slower and darker for "Same Devil" but the quality remained high. At one point Brandy mused on whether she had a written a classic before launching into "Mama's Broken Heart" and announcing it to be the closest. The band returned to its full compliment for the jazzy "Bigger Boat" taking that general jazzy feel into "Get High", with the guitar beautifully picked out.

From there on in it was classic after classic, "You're Drunk", "Pray To Jesus" and the big intro and backing vocals that announced "Stripes", which sent the crowd into a bout of frenzied singalong.

An acoustic "Hold My Hand" was simply exquisite, the double bass played with a bow for an extra classy sound while Brandy's vocal could not have been better

This was a set delivered on all levels, a perfect blend of words of music

The Long Road Festival will return 25th-27th August 2023.