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  • Chris Farlie

Lily Garland - Rise From The Ashes

Lily Garland was first brought to our attention by our good friend down at Express FM Russell Hill, and our reporting from Country On The Coast found Lily to be the most charming host who put on one hell of a weekend including a fantastic set of her own with her own huge band including backing singers.

As you listen to "Rise From The Ashes" a delightfully over the top piece of sassy country you can almost see her strutting her stuff at the front of stage with the backing singers off to the right.

From the very off she sets her stall out that this is not a lady to be messed with, after a brooding drum and guitar intro she hits us with "Last night I threw your clothes out my window and set them on fire - Last night I took your keys dug 'em in your car and slashed all your tyres".

It all leads into a high tempo power packed hook laden chorus, "I look like an angel but i got the dark side in my head". It's such an in you r face over the top song that the only way to play it is to throw the kitchen sink at it and there is just about everything packed into this three minutes including a fantastic section where Lily repeats "I'm not done with you yet" which increases in intensity before finishing on a great extended note - mess with this lady at your peril!!!

Although technically a single release, it does come as an EP and if you are new to the oeuvre of Lily then this could represent the chance to catch up a number of best releases to date including the delightful country blues of "He's Not The One" a tale of cautionary advice, or the gentle pop sound of "Queen Of The World" swathed in a lovely pedal steel guitar and keys or power presentation of "Time To Fly", which gives you an idea of how she throws everything into a performance.

Country On The Coast will return in 2020 April 24-26th if you can't wait till then catch Lily and many others this weekend

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