Laine Lonero - No Sweat

The debut single from Louisiana born Laine Lonero is something of a curiosity. Anyone who has watched any of Laine's work will know that she plays both piano and her nemesis the guitar and is both the possessor of strong powerful voice and an undoubted talent.

The single "No Sweat" itself is a song of empowerment and a commentary on dating and has powerful message to pass on that will hopefully hit its mark.

If this single were a soccer match then the phrase that comes to mind would be "It's a game of 2 halves".

The first part of this record has Laine doing her part wonderfully but the backing is incredibly feeble and tinny sounding, simply not up to the job. Once the real drum sound kicks in to compliment the banjo and guitar, the whole track is transformed and finally Laine gets the support she deserves and the whole song is lifted to a completely different level.

There are many positives that can be drawn from this commentary on social dating, the opening being a quite withering put down

"You say you want to talk to me, start it off with a little complimenting

Now you're breaking up with me, ended on a kiss like you think i'm hurting"

through to

Think I'm not oblivious I knew the truth when it came to us

So I didn't fall, you won't be missed at all"

The punchy chorus nails it home even clearer "You were never committed".

Laines vocals have a knowing sassy huskiness about them that will serve her well going forward. that can certainly front a kick ass band as the second half of this song proves. Hopefully that is the direction she'll head off in.