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  • Chris Farlie

Kimmie Rhodes - Hypnotized

A new single from Nashville royalty ahead of a trip to London & Ireland and indeed a new album has arrived in the shape of Hypnotized by Kimmie Rhodes. Having followed Kimmie since hearing her on the Mary Costello Show on GLR Radio many moons ago, as well at many a great night at The Weavers Arms, this return is a great pleasure. She has produced many stand out albums such as "Rich From The Journey", "Angels The Blues" and "Cowgirl Boudoir" too name but a few and there are plenty more that we could name.

#TEAM21 last met Kimmie down in Devon for a splendid evening with her daughter Jolie Goodnight and son Gabe who not only produces the new single but also play a multitude of instruments. Approaching a landmark birthday soon, though we are too gallant to say which one - Kimmie stares out from the cover picture with a most thoughtful expressionless gaze as if in a trance.

The track opens to a wonderful array of drum, mandolin, guitar and organ and provides a perfect setting for Kimmie to lay down the opening lines.

"I've been stumbling blind and somehow it seems like time is slowing

I might be in a trance - not really sure of where I'm going

Scenes of you and me keep passing by

Waving this new world before my eyes"

The premise of the song is fairly universal across the world, detailing how your world can be changed by meeting someone new who shakes up your world in many ways.

The chorus perfectly captures how you can become giddy and intoxicated and Kimmie sells it perfectly with a vocal that exactly encapsulate the "getting very sleepy" element.

You've got me hypnotised, mesmerised Baby I'm feeling like I'm getting very sleepy

Whatever you, want me to, that's what I'll do, if when I wake up you'll still be with me"

There is a delightful dreamy almost George Harrison like guitar solo and the tune ends in a sort of disarray with instruments ending at different times, yet it only adds to to the overall charm.

If this an example of the quality of her new album then May 5th when she hits London at The Water Rats will be something special. One of country music's great raconteurs she's met them all, and sung or written with many of them . Truly a night not to be missed for lovers of classic country music.

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