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  • Chris Farlie

Kiah Lindsay - Coming Home To You - The Christmas Song

This tune was brought to our attention by Talentbanq Supremo, Ray Jones, and with him being a man of great taste we felt duty bound to give it a listen and since then it has entranced us with hypnotic melody that seeps so easily into your subconscious and is then there on repeat. It comes with little fragments of narrative that ask as much they answer which only adds to the intrigue.

What we know of Kiah is very little , she's 19 and comes from Wales, and had an album out earlier in the year "Meet Me" which we'll no doubt dig into over the festive period. "Coming Home To You" takes the simple elements of a guitar, a piano and some electronica, mixes it with a soothing voice to create a little bit of Christmas magic, that touches on that Christmas need to be at home with those you love.

The tune opens with Lindsay in a metropolis - we'll assume London as that is where it is in the video

"Intoxication in my lungs I feel it edging toward my thumb

And I know I'm on your mind I feel it too

With the ember of the city lights

I'm coming home to you home to you"

The lyrics are sheer poetry describing that need to make a journey, all sung sweetly over a softly strummed guitar.

The piano makes its appearance on the opening chorus, it's a simple but incredibly effective chorus

"Right home to you

I'm coming home to you"

The second verse is full of detail that reels the listener in, the sound incorporates little bits of electronica that enhance the overall sound rather than seeking to overwhelm it.

"A shoe box apartment on the west side

Across the bridge the old me died

And I know I'm on your mind I feel it too

Cos I'm singing all the melodies that we are used to"

The final verse again reinforces the need to be at home, and equally sheds a little more light about the person the song is being sung to, in that they also have moved away form where they now seek to return. It' is sung a little more forcefully but it never breaks the bewitching spell that it casts.

"I find a job through the ever changing seasons

It gets me up and out of bed

And Christmas starts to show beneath the ground

Next thing you know we'll both be coastal bound"

There's a nice little incorporation of "Jingle Bells" into the coda on what is a truly delightful Christmas single

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