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  • Chris Farlie

Katy Hurt - What Have You Got To Lose?

A return to recorded action for Katy Hurt sees her taking on a Southern soul country sound and it fits like a glove. The band are marvellously restrained, there's a guitar that runs through the track and a sumptuous organ sound, which leaves plenty of room for Katy to lead from the front.

It opens with Katy outlining her unwavering feelings of love and support

"You could lock me out in the pouring rain

Drag the mud through my name

Take the blood from ny veins

and drive me insane

but I'd still love you"

It an affirmation of faith that at the same time doubles up as an invitation to take risks - and to not settle for second best because you'll always have Katy's backing even if things do not go to plan

"You could try your best and not succeed

or buy a house and lose the deed"

With a rich joyous chorus, this seems set to match and surpass the success of her previous singles “Sounds Good In A Bar”, “The Kiss” and “Wish I Could Give You Up which all hail from her forthcoming debut album.

There's a great transition towards the end where each chorus gradually builds in intensity. The first just Katy and a guitar, the second sees more of the band join in, before things end in Gospel style with Katy's vocals allowed to soar while a small congregation of backing singers provide a suitably choir like backdrop.

For London based fans Katy Hurt will be playing with Joe Martin at Ealing ( Questors Theatre) & Putney ( Half Moon ) on the 19th & 20th respectively.

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