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  • Chris Farlie

Katy Hurt - Sounds Good In A Bar

It's back to business for Katy Hurt after last months delightful "Face To Face" diversion, with the first release from her forthcoming debut album. In the last few years she's flirted with a number of different avenues off the Americana highway, some we've preferred more than others however undeniably at all times she's been in possession of an excellent voice that can suitably adapt to its surroundings.

For an opening salvo "Sounds Good In A Bar" is sure to set expectations high for what is to come, It finds Katy in a reflective mood, hopefully with a little bit of artistic licence at times, looking back at the early days

"Waiting tables counting small change in a jar

Writing tall tales on a napkin in a car

I'm not a poet and I know it and I may not be a star"

All of these reflections are played out over a slowly strummed acoustic guitar, and as a pedal steel and some light percussion come the recollections continue

"I can make the best of any mess, I can tell a lie and then confess"

and then in what may possibly become her own future Ashley McBryde crowd singalong moment

"If I could just get the crowd singing along, it may not get me very far, but it sounds good in a bar"

The second verse is where one hopes a little creativity is being used, for while it is good to find inspiration in all places, you'd hope that the destroying your personal life to do it is surely too high a price to pay

"Listening into every strangers conversation, sabotaging all my own relationships

I couldn't miss the chance to write another cheating song"

With each passing chorus the sound builds up just a little bit more and Katy starts to unleash some of her undoubted abilities. If at it's peak it maybe sees Katy playing some enormous arena complete with guitar solo then the song ends like waking up and finding it was all a dream, as the crowd fades away and the chinking of glasses place her back in a bar. It's a neat little touch and if this song is not greeted at live shows soon with a plethora of arms waving phones then i'll be amazed.

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