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  • Chris Farlie

Katie Nicholas - Cabin Fever

There are few artists on the UK Americana scene with the vision and talent of Katie Nicholas. Not content with making a wonderful tune, it comes with a marvelous video and as if that was not enough, there is also a highly entertaining and informative "Making Of Cabin Fever" that shows just how much effort has gone into making this release. This is nothing new though, Katie's videos are somewhat legendary and always well worth checking out.

While not specifically about this current moment in time, elements of "Cabin Fever" have been driven by the Lockdown, with the guitar, drum and bass parts all sent to Katie as separate files after receiving her initial guide guitar and vocals. That it should turn into something so magical and coherent is a tribute in itself.

Although the expression "Cabin Fever" has become much quoted over the past few months across the world, the song actually was created as far back as 2017, the phrase being suitable for many situations where the person feels small, trapped and unable to escape. Musically there is lots going on , those initial returned sound files have had banjo parts and some highly effective backing vocals laid down over them and have been made into a complete coherent composition. Lyrically Katie captures the feeling of isolation perfectly "We move slow here, each day lasts a year", "my world feels small". It does also give us a level of optimism "there is a way out grab those keys!" and in these current times we could all do with that.

The track is not currently on streaming platforms but is available here will take you to the great video will take you to the great "Making Of" documentary.


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