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  • Chris Farlie

Kate Boytek - Hell or High Water

A happy coincidence or divine intervention led us to Kate Boytek who has just released her debut single "Hell or High Water". Looking out from the cover the picture of Kate gives no impression of the rocking voice that she is going to unleash.

For a first effort this is high octane, take no prisoners country, a screeching guitar intro, fast incessant drumming and a tremendous organ sound prepare the way for Kate to lay down a solid no nonsense vocal.

"As the sun goes black, the sky will be torn

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

This is not so much singing as a portent of what is to come!

"Mama always said never let another woman take what is yours

Come hell or high water

The rain's gonna fall and the flames gonna burn on the sea

Run for the hills and save your sons and daughters

Cos the devil or the floods gonna bring him back to me"

The word "Hell" is extended out to at least five syllables in this full on confrontational chorus

It is gloriously unsubtle, the band are all but rocking as if the devil himself was chasing them such is the fury in their playing and it is that urgency that makes this song so vibrant.

"For better or for worse

Too bad those words aren't true

The Holy Ghost heard him say "I do"

Everything I am I gave it to that man

Now i've got nothing left to lose"

This is an outrageous introduction to Kate as she well and truly puts the "ROCK" into Country rock. It's the first song of what will go on to form her debut EP - however the briefest scan of the internet suggests that Kate has many strings to her bow - and prepare to be wowed when she unleashes her heartbreaking ballads.

For now "Hell or High Water" will have to suffice but mark our words Kate Boytek will be one to watch out for in 2023

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