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  • Chris Farlie

Karen Jonas - If You Could Read My Mind

There are some songs that simply cannot be bettered and Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind" is one of those. Never given the public acclaim that he so richly deserved, even his passing went by without too much mention.

Choosing to take on this thankless task is Karen Jonas with her latest single - she does so though with her heart in the right place saying that this "captures everything I admire about songwriting: a gorgeous melody, conversational lyrics, and a perfect extended metaphor."

If it does nothing else than get people wanting to seek out and remind themselves just how great the original and indeed Gordon's back catalogue is then it will be a job well done.

As it happens Karen's version, mainly simply just her and some acoustic guitars with some additional backing vocals is a fitting tribute. It has a warmth to it and Karen effortlessly glides over the chorus that just seduces your ears into submission.

It also acts as a reminder that Karen has a run of tour dates approaching during August.

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