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Julian Taylor - Georgia Moon

If the name Julian Taylor is unfamiliar to you then fear not for this would seem to be an ideal time to catch up, for the Canadian is not only over here playing some dates, he has also has a new single out "Georgia Moon" ahead of an anthology of his work due in October.

According to Julian "Georgia Moon is one of the first songs that I wrote when I was still in high school"

It opens to an almost crying electric guitar and an acoustic one as well, which set up a relaxed easy going intro, for Julian to then plunge us immediately into the middle of a drama - with a lifelong criminal being chased by the long arm of the law.

Julian, blessed with a storyteller's voice, relays things relatively dispassionately yet you hang on each word.

The first verse is rich in detail, somehow the additional mention of the rain falling only adds to the despicable nature of the crime. There is a lovely rhythm to how Julian delivers the unfolding events, the last line in particular seems to play with what you mind is expecting to hear to great effect - and only acts to draw you in further.

"One night in Georgia, just outside of Macon while the rain came down.

Jessie Ozark left her lying on the interstate fourteen miles from Jeffersonville.

He drove a 65 Chevy Impala headed north on the i95

Detective Stephens Chief of Wichita began to track him down Atlantic side."

His credentials as a lifelong criminal and low level human being, are outlined in the second verse.

"Jessie Ozark came from Memphis, Tennessee. He’d hustled everyone from county to city.

Got busted down in Wichita and broke loose in 83’

Never had much of a family.

He hated women, loved his Wild Turkey.

Never had a place to call his own. Never a house or even a home."

Any sympathy that might have been gained for his lack of kin is soon wiped away by his preference for bourbon over women which paints him in a poor light.

The third verse is the denouement of the tale, as Julian nicely wraps up everything - the bad guy gets his comeuppance and the reason for the named policeman's mission from the first verse is revealed.

"Detective Stephens was a clever man.

Guided by the Devils right hand.

You see they found his daughter lying on the interstate fourteen miles from Jeffersonville.

Oh lord he caught up with Jessie just outside of NYC. Shot him dead in an alleyway, so long old Jessie"

There is a lovely contrast between the overall sound which is remarkably upbeat, the percussion is exceptionally well realised against the overall dark nature of the song. It all makes for a perfect point at which to dive into Julian's back catalogue which seems awash with equally enjoyable gems - and whets the appetite for the Anthology to come.

Tour Dates

Aug. 3, 2023 - London, UK | Water Rats

Aug. 4, 2023 - Kirton in Lindsey, UK | Town Hall Live

Aug. 6, 2023 - Inverness, UK | Under Canvas

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