Joe Martin - High Gravity

Arriving like a hurricane to blow away the autumn leaves is Joe Martin's new single "High Gravity". Pretty much perfect in all aspects of the concept from the cover, through the instrumentation, to the singing and harmonies.

The cover has fun with the gravity aspect of the song, with bottles, a guitar, a lamp and even Joe himself levitating. The cover also has Joe's arm covering a Beatles poster, while one of Bruce Springsteen is just starting to lift from the wall - Bob Dylan remains firmly attached and uncovered.

The music is exhilarating, a punchy driving drum beat is joined by an array of jangly guitars to give this slice of Americana a distinctly British pop feel to it and it sounds fantastic for it full of life and vitality.

Joe's vocal on this track reminds us a little of a latter day Nick Heyward, and the attention to detail on the backing vocals are signs of a man who is steeped in pop history.

The song opens the day after the night before with Joe in a somewhat dazed state, though clearly after a good night out.

"Empty bottle on my floor - a number written on my hand

I don't know who the numbers for, and I won't try to pretend"

The "High Gravity" of the song referring to the strength of the beer that had put him into this state and doubling up to describe that hangover feeling

"I don't know why I do the things I do to me

It's like I'm glued to the bed - hearing voices in my head

Saying it's always one too many rounds

Now that high gravity keeps holding me down"

There will be those that fully concur with the sensations described in the second verse, the price to be paid for a good night!

"Broken sunlight through the blinds

When did night turn into day?

Memories like shattered pieces in my mind

I could put them back together but it won't matter anyway"

With a simply sublime chorus. this all goes to make one of the finer singles of the year and one that will surely whet the appetite for his 2023 full band tour.