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  • Chris Farlie

Jess Kemp - Don't You Cry

Anyone who saw Jess Kemp at Buckle & Boots in the early Saturday afternoon slot may be wondering wonder what she sounds like with a full backing - well it just so happens she has a latest single out in time for the festival.

Now a quick flick through her catalogue would indicate that this is not particularly typical of her sound, more a development of it and trust us if you enjoyed her Buckle & Boots set there is plenty of quality material in her catalogue to check out.

"Don't You Cry" started in a similar vein to much of her set on Saturday as a stripped back acoustic number, but as it opens here it is initially all synth and drum machine, almost a little Ultravox like.

It then explodes into something of a dance track, not our usual fare I know but on top of the looping synth sounds is undoubtedly still the same lady that entertained us so well this weekend. If anything the single succeeds as the vocals go against what you'd expect from the genre, as they are slightly more rocky. If you buy one dance track this summer make it this one!

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