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  • Chris Farlie

Jeorgia Rose - Recipe For Disaster

It seems an eternity since Jeorgia Rose's debut single "I Will Still Remember" landed just before Christmas 2020, but the long wait for a follow up is over and a second single in the shape of "Recipe For Disaster" has arrived. It will serve as a reminder of her undoubted ear for a good melody and her interesting style of writing.

As the song opens it initially looks as if it is going to be a sort of country version of Alannis Morrisette's "Ironic"

"It's like you're in the car and you turn the key

But it won't start when you've got somewhere to be

It's getting late and your phone just died

and your comfort dance is feeling hard to find"

However it soon reveals itself to be nothing of the sort and is a cautionary warning about the wrong type of man. Even Jeorgia notes that exactly who this song is being sung to is open to interpretation, is it a reminder to herself or is this a friendly warning to someone about to go down a similar route and get "caught up in the madness?". Certainly the lines

"Believe me I have been there - trying to breathe when there is no air" seem less a phrase one would use to themselves.

There is a neat turn of phrase for describing what is about to happen

It's like an open fire and gasoline - when you pour it on it's like a terrible dream

Knows no mercy - it's just going to grow

Can't hold it back cos it's out of control"

The lines that seem like a personal reminder come later in the song, reminders of when

"He never called

and you felt so much that you felt nothing at all

Made it dark for days and you stayed in bed

you'd do anything to get him out of your head" - the last 2 words delivered with special emphasis.

Musically it's a lovely mix of jangly guitars and Jeorgia's vocals which given the subject matter are calm and knowing rather than bitter and twisted, with a chorus that is all the brighter for her "oohing" the melody line.

Confirming her status as one to watch Jeorgia Rose continues to dazzle and delight.

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