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  • Chris Farlie

Jenny Colquitt - No One Loves Me Like You

Preparing the way for a new album and huge tour in 2024 is Jenny Colquitt whose new single "No One Loves Me Like You" uses a massive sonic palette to deliver a stirring yet tender performance.

There are two things that immediately strike you about this release, firstly the wonderful cover that draws directly from the lyrics painting a perfect picture, the second is the power and the bombast that comes with the opening bars, with the big sounding production reaching philharmonic splendour.

Gradually that subsides and we are left with a drumbeat, a piano and Jenny in a dreamy almost wistful mood as she plays part of a happy couple

"Sunlight, on our face, found our happy place,

Where we are laughing, into space."

That overriding feeling of having someone with whom you have a perfect connection comes through in the chorus where the opening refrain returns providing fireworks in the background as Jenny announces

"No one loves me like you"

The key lines that tie in with that cover, come as the song swirls to another level, building in intensity

"And I’m in the ocean, staring at the moon,

Learning my lesson, no one loves me like you."

The moon and the stars dominate the cover whereas Jenny's character is effectively a speck in the ocean yet within her she has that awesome power and inner warmth of feeling loved by someone which somehow is greater.

Jenny's vocal and the backing seem to continually grow throughout until they almost burst out through your speakers such are the layers and layers of sound.

The final moments see things calm once more with just Jenny delivering the closingl lines to just her piano and the faintest of percussion - those last lingering piano notes bringing to a close a most extraordinary piece of music.

It certainly whets the appetite for what Jenny will bring us in 2024.

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