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  • Chris Farlie

Jarrod Dickenson - I Live For You

A nice little surprise from Jarrod Dickenson comes in the shape of his version of George Harrison's "I Live For You". From the "All Things Must Pass" sessions but not released until the 2014 reissue where it became a firm favourite of Jarrod's.

There are many immediately signs that this is a project close to his heart. The cover is a homage to that of "All Things Must Pass", both black and white shots, with George and Jarrod respectively seated in an open air situation. A quick glance at the accompanying video which sees Jarrod and his wife Clare playing all the instruments, shows prominently a proudly displayed Beatles poster in the background.

Jarrod's live shows have long been peppered with spellbinding versions of songs by the likes of Tom Waits and Guy Clark and his excellent "Under A Texas Sky" EP is well worth checking out, his abilities as a great interpreter of other peoples material are unquestionable so it was always going to be interesting to see what it would sound like hearing a Texas timbre instead of George's more nasal Liverpool twang.

The original came had an almost Americana feel about it complete with pedal steel which Jarrod has eschewed in favour of returning to the more familiar Harrison guitar sound. Jarrod's vocals, that much deeper and richer than George's take the song to another level, extracting a lot more from the source material, with Clare's subtle vocal additions giving an extra layer of warmth. Jarrod's guitar work is extremely effective and altogether it goes to make a rather superior tribute.

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