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Jameson Rodgers - In It For The Money

Having co penned hits for many others over the last 10 years it is time for Jameson Rodgers to take a tilt at hitting the big time and this "In It For The Money" EP will surely do his chances no harm. He's also recently been opening for Luke Comb's which is no bad thing nor is having him join you on the opening track of your new EP. which clocks in at a value for money seven tracks.

"Cold Beer Calling My Name" is an old school riff driven drinking song, with Jameson singing of the joys of letting of a little steam at the end of a working week with a beer or two

"It's been one of them clock it in, knock it out, clock it out

'Bout to kick off the weekend"

Luke takes the vocals on the second verse which only adds to the party vibe and it is a testament to the reviving powers of a cold beer

"Yeah, I'm gonna put a little chill in my weekend

Stay up all night, maybe sleep in

I'm gonna sip a little something

And I ain't gotta worry 'bout nothing"

I'm not sure there is any genre of music that quite pays as much tribute to our four legged friends as country music does - it took 4 people to come up with "Good Dogs" which apparently "don't live long enough" - let's just draw a veil over that one - it probably means well and is heartfelt but like a cheap wine it did not travel well.

"In It For The Money" is something of a guide for aspiring artists and the title probably needs to be put into context with some brackets to read ( If I Was ) "In It For The Money" ( I'd Have Quit A Long Time Ago). It may seem hard to believe but the same team that brought you "Good Dogs" redeemed themselves by penning this. it spells out all to clearly the potential lows such as having to "pay rent $1 at a time from a tip jar" where "You won't break even if you play that show but you play it".

But for those who persevere there are the rewards "the high you get when they're singing your song", the highs are met with a loud riffing guitar as opposed to the somewhat low key strumming detailing the gloomier times.

Musically the stand out track is "Rolling Rock, Rolling Stones" a mixture of 2 favourite past times "Drinking beer, singing songs" - "Killing 2 birds at once". It's a little funkier neatly name checking some Rolling Stones tunes along the way such as "Start Me Up" , "Honky Tonk Woman" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want". Song like this always run the risk of being little more than a songwriters exercise making a tune from stringing titles together however this has enough joie de vivre about it to escape being accused of that and after all It's only rock 'n' roll and we like it!

"When You Think Of Mississippi" is a sad little song, with Jameson playing the one who stayed behind unable to get over the love of his life who moved away. In the first verse he paints cuts a fairly lonely figure, fed up of the local social spots and seemingly unable to move on.

"Can't believe it's already been a year

Since you been gone, flew outta this place"

The rest of the song sees him pondering whether she is missing Mississippi as much as he is missing her

"Do you still smile every time you hear a cowbell?

When the Rebels win, do you still raise hell?

Would you trade a palm tree for a Magnolia?

If you were here now would ya let me hold ya?"

"Desert" is a little gem hidden away as the final track, probably containing the most pertinent observations of the whole EP, that it is only by experiencing the bad times that make the good times seem as good. Musically it is easily the most laid back on the record and that helps the message come across all the clearer.

There are some many little observations throughout the song and it seems miles away from the swagger of the opening tune..

"There's a reason we come into this world crying and spend all of our time trying to leave it smiling"

The whole song is keenly packed with wisdom, the following verse is certainly not Jameson eulogising on the qualities of boat building, he is alluding to a different journey through life.

"Don't waste a day worried 'bout what's tomorrow's bringing Just 'cause a ship's taking on a little water don't mean it's sinking You can't just roll through it, you gotta roll with it Just pull your boots up and dig your heels in it Tell the ones you love that you love 'em Tell the ones you miss that you miss 'em"

There is genuinely something for everyone on this EP, it is almost a showcase EP for Jameson's talents and he seems pretty well equipped to handle everything, and is a believable persona whether drinking on a Friday night mulling on relationships past and present.




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