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  • Chris Farlie

Jade Helliwell - Stay

Previewed live at her Write Like A Girl performance in London, "Stay" sees Jade Helliwell take on the familiar break up theme from a completely new and original angle, what do you do if the person you are with is perfect in every way apart from the fact that you don't love them. From that initial premise, Jade Helliwell has conjured up arguably her best single to date.

The scene is set pretty early on with a couple waking up together and the woman recognising that "He's a perfect man" and that she "should find a reason not to leave him" even saying "He don't deserve to be treated this way - that ain't a reason to stay". It's a relationship where she is "there in body but my heart is already gone".

With a background of a of a big drum sound and some nice guitar and keyboard work , this turns into a really effective big ballad. As with any Jade single it comes with something of a power charged vocal, though nicely reined in enough not to overawe the song and some real emotions are on display as Jade's character outlines the various ways in which this scenario can play out, none of them pleasant.

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